3. Oktober 2023

XDC Network Reaches Record Highs, Bullish Trend Suggests $0.1 Soon

• XDC Network (XDC) surged 13.23% in the last 24 hours following a partnership with SBI VC Trade in Japan.
• The XDC price reached $0.03559 which is 16.53% higher than 7 days ago.
• The trading volume and market capitalization for XDC have increased significantly with many exchanges listing it for trading.

XDC Network Surges After Partnership with SBI

XDC network (XDC) had a subsidiary partnership with SBI VC Trade in Japan, this Wednesday, which has led to an upliftment of the blockchain platform to become a global leader within the blockchain ecosystem. This surge has caused an increase of 13.23% in the last 24 hours and a 16.53% rise in price over the past 7 days bringing its current value to $0.03559 as per CoinMarketCap analysis.

Increasing Market Capitalization & Trading Volume

The market capitalization of XDC has seen an increase reaching $492,377,019 at time of writing while its circulating supply is at 13,839,623,308.95 tokens along with a trading volume of $6,113,650 across various exchanges such as Huobi, Bybit, KuCoin, CoinDCX and Bitget among others. This bullish trend has excited communities about XCD’s potential to reach the $0.1 benchmark soon due to its increasing supply on the market .

Bullish Momentum Reinforces Positive Outlook

The positive trend witnessed by XCD seems solidified by its increasing momentum that is driven by traders around world believing that its upcoming projects will eventually drive up prices further despite no significant news or partnerships being announced as of yet other than SBI’s subsidiary one recently mentioned above..

What Does The Future Hold For XCD?

It remains uncertain what direction prices are likely going to take but it can be assumed that given all the activity surrounding XCD right now coupled with positive outlooks from traders around the world that prices may continue to remain high or potentially even go higher depending on any future news or partnerships announced by the project itself..


In conclusion it is clear that there is strong bullish momentum currently behind XCD and it remains unknown what direction prices are likely going to take but given all current information available it seems highly likely they will remain high or potentially even increase further depending on any future announcements from their team or partners moving forward into 2021 and beyond..