5. Dezember 2023

Bison Trails strengthens its legal compliance team with former Goldman Sachs executive

Infrastructure-as-a-service blockchain Bison Trails announced on August 4 that it has appointed a general counsel to focus on policy and regulatory issues specific to blockchain infrastructure.

Elizabeth Ralston has previously served in a legal capacity at the investment firm BlockTower Capital and as vice president of Goldman Sachs‘ legal division.

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The Blockchain industry works more and more with regulators
As it has matured, the block chain industry has placed greater emphasis on working with regulators to influence policy as it is created. Bison Trails clearly believes that Ralston is the woman with the expertise to take on this role. As CEO Joe Lallouz explained:

„An internal general counsel will add a trusted strategic partner to the leadership team who will help drive strategy and operations at their intersection with risk, legality, policy and compliance […] Elizabeth is the perfect person to do that job.

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Ralston will directly oversee legal, risk, compliance and policy issues, and is committed to pushing for mass Bitcoin Revolution adoption of blockchain technology. She said:

„Since careful regulation is integral to mass adoption, I hope to establish a regulatory precedent that will pave the way for this fledgling ecosystem. I am determined to be a fierce advocate for this transformative industry.“

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Paving the way with the support of protocol
Blockchain Trails is a member of the Libra Association and the Celo Alliance.

As reported by Cointelegraph, it has recently added support for a growing number of protocols, such as the change from Ethereum to proof-of-stake with ETH 2.0 and NEAR, a platform that is designed to drive open finance and the open web.